Long Term Agreement of Enabling Environment for Wash Sector with UNICEF Pakistan.


Long Term Agreement of Enabling Environment for Wash Sector with UNICEF Pakistan.

Services Provided:

Momentum has a long-term agreement with UNICEF Pakistan for provision technical contributions on following tasks:
Revision of an existing WASH related provincial policy/strategy for its alignment with SDGs and human rights to water and sanitation.
Facilitation of WASH Joint Sector Review and National and Provincial level help of WASHBAT and SDG 6 Costing Tools, Bottle Neck analysis and Costing Tools for WASH in Institutions etc.
Development of Strategies/vision for WASH sector development in a province or at National Level, in consensus with the relevant departments, key stakeholders and political leadership and drafting of WASH Sector Master Plan.
Assess the status of WASH” in a province (WASH sector status report) review of policy frameworks, available data, resources allocation and expenditure, operational environment including comprehensive stakeholder’s analysis, equity in resource distribution and access to services.
Conduct capacity needs assessment of federal and provincial WASH departments and service providers to develop overall capacity development plans, and business plans for urban utilities, for achieving the expected results of WASH Sector Master Plan
Facility Facilitation of meeting or consultative workshop with WASH sector stakeholders action of meeting
Conduct advocacy meetings with government officials and political leaders.
Documentation of case study and best practices for the governments
Documenting budget and expenditures analysis for the WASH sector

Among the tasks mentioned above some are under execution and some of them are being planned jointly with UNICEF Pakistan for execution.

  • Momentum experts reviewed the WASH policies in the provinces and conducted a capacity needs assessment with regards to the provision of services for water, sanitation and hygiene at the local level. Momentum also developed the proposed budget and expenditures required for WASH services at the local level.

Project Team:

  • Dr. Saleem
  • Abdul Qadeer
  • Atique Mirza
  • Shazia Hassan
  • Kamran Rafique
  • Ghulam Shabbir
  • Muhammad Sharif