Participatory Action Research on Dynamics of Household Poverty and Inclusive Development in Balochistan with Focus on Women’s Empowerment (Third Wave)Under European Union (EU) Funded, BRACE Programme


Momentum prepared the framework for the longitudinal research on poverty dynamics. The framework covered comprehensive variables for all the areas of research (Poverty Dynamics, women Empowerment, Social Mobilization, Inclusive development, and Governance) as per research questions. Prepared research methods and research tools. Tested the research tools in the field and refined the same to ensure the proficiency and suitability of the research tools for research purpose. Prepared a detailed training pack of quantitative and qualitative research and conducted their training. Completed the data collection exercise as per designated research methods comprising socio economic quantitative data of the household, life history based in-depth interviews for men and women, segregated focus group discussions for men and women, participatory rural appraisals methods and consultative meetings with the district and tehsil level government service delivery departments.

Services Provided:

Momentum prepared a framework for the longitudinal research on poverty dynamics in three districts of Balochistan. The framework covered variables for poverty dynamics, women empowerment, social mobilization, inclusive development, and governance. The two-year study was evaluated the interventions for poverty alleviation by the BRACE project. A total of three quantitative and qualitative survey were conducted for gauging the effectiveness and efficacy of the BRACE interventions.

Project Team:

1. Dr. Elizabeth ruspini: Poverty Expert
2. Dr. Haroon: Poverty & Data Analysis Expert
3. Dr. Zafar: SGDs & Poverty Expert
4. Durree Shehwar: Poverty Expert
5. Fatima Shafqat: Research Expert
6. Ghulam Shabbir: Project Manger

Country: Pakistan
Year: 2019
Client: RSPN, EU Funded