Team Up and Grow – An Organization Development Training for Senior Management of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Pakistan


In order to address the workplace behavioural challenges being faced by the top management of OGRA, Momentum designed a specific two-day off-site training program for the organization. The program aimed at addressing the areas such as teamwork, emotional intelligence, power of an individual attitude, problem solving and conflict management. This has been a blended learning program primarily consisting of team based and individual reflection exercises. The program attained an excellent post training feedback from all the participants, and it was recommended for the middle management cadre of the organization.

Services Provided:

Momentum developed and executed a two-day training event for the senior staff of OGRA. The two-day training focused on teamwork, problem solving, and conflict management. Through team-based and individual reflection exercises, the outcome was on forward looking work approach to meet the expectations of the people of Pakistan.

Project Team:

1) Ghulam Shabbir: Team Lead

Country: Pakistan
Year: 2021
Client: OGRA