Development of WASH in School manual for Dhaka Ahsania Mission Pakistan


Researched the WASH in school component of the WASH Programme for Dhaka Ahsania Mission Pakistan and developed a comprehensive WASH in School manual. The manual encompassed details about the water supply management, water technologies, water structure design and maintenance, sanitation management, sanitation facility maintenance, hygiene related capacity development in children. This manual was properly institutionalized at Dhaka Ahsania Mission Pakistan by conducting training for school management and school management committees

Services Provided:

MV carried out a comprehensive review of the WASH in schools in Pakistan. This review examined how an effective WASH can help boost the enrollment, especially for the girl students. Based on this review, MV prepared a WASH manual. This WASH manual was institutionalized at Dhaka Ashania, Pakistan.

Project Team:

1) Dr. Muhammad Saleem: Team Lead
2) Iqbal-u-Rehman: Education Expert
3) Fakhar U din: Principal Consultant