Climate Change & Environment

Climate change is a reality that is impacting everybody in the developed and developing world. Countries like Pakistan are at the receiving end irrespective of the fact that their contribution to climate change is minimal. As the world grapples with long-term changes in temperatures and weather conditions, there is an urgent need to be better prepared for extreme weather conditions. Today we see the impact of climate change in storms, declining biodiversity, floods, rising sea levels, large-scale fires, painful droughts, long-term water shortages, melting polar ice, etc. We find local solutions to these lifelong changes. We believe preparing communities for climate change is the best possible way forward, with a focus on ensuring everybody understands what climate change is and how to adapt themselves to it.

  • Climate Resilient infrastructure planning and deployment:

We work on climate-resilient infrastructure planning and deployment to address the increasing risks and vulnerabilities associated with climate change impacts. Our research has focused on climate-resilient infrastructure integration into all phases of the infrastructure lifecycle, including planning, design, construction, and operation. This involves incorporating measures such as improved drainage systems, flood-resistant designs, nature-based solutions, and robust building codes.

  • State and local decarbonization:

We have has conducted extensive research on state and local decarbonization efforts, which can play a crucial role in addressing the impacts of climate change. Our work has reviewed initiatives such as setting renewable energy targets, implementing energy efficiency measures, promoting sustainable transportation systems, and adopting stringent building codes. We believe that State and local decarbonization initiatives serve as powerful examples and catalysts for broader climate action, inspiring other regions to follow suit and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

  • Environmental Management:

A core area of MCTG  work is environmental management which is based on minimizing negative environmental impacts and promoting sustainable practices. This work encompasses a range of activities such as assessing and mitigating environmental risks, developing and implementing environmental policies and regulations, monitoring and measuring environmental performance, and promoting environmental stewardship. We help balance economic development with environmental protection, ensuring that natural resources are used efficiently and responsibly.

  • Environmental Policy and Regulation:

At MCTG environmental policy and regulation are essential tools for addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices. We work on improving laws, rules, and guidelines to protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and mitigate environmental impacts. We assist in formulating environmental policies for decision-making processes and guide on issues such as air and water quality, waste management, land use, biodiversity conservation, and climate change.