Water, Sanitation & Waste Management

As the world presses forward for sustainable development, the most daunting challenge seems to be the achievement of SDG6 – ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all – by 2030.  The UN Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 estimates that meeting drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene targets by 2030 will require a fourfold increase in the pace of progress. In collaboration with the federal and provincial governments and the UN agencies, MV has worked on various aspects of WASH in terms of policy, focusing on long-term solutions for meeting the SDG 6 targets.

  • Water, Sanitation, and Sustainable Cities

The future of humanity is in the cities. In the coming decades, more people will be living and earning a livelihood in cities than in villages. Cities have to be better prepared to accommodate the influx of people. A stable WASH sector is key to a stable, vibrant, and forward-moving city. Without WASH facilities, a city cannot go forward. Our research focuses on finding innovative solutions for the WASH sector.

  • Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene are key to meeting the SDGs targets for ending poverty, and hunger and ensuring health for all. In the past decade, we have worked with the UN agencies in preparing policies on sanitation and hygiene, with a focus on access to water for everyone.

  • Regulation Analysis and Reform

With the world realizing the importance of the WASH sector in overall development, the focus is on its regulation and reform.  MCTG is one of the leading consulting firms for formulating in-depth and comprehensive WASH reforms and subsequent reforms.

  • Infrastructure Planning and Deployment

For an effective WASH sector, a comprehensive infrastructure is essential. However, an effective infrastructure setup needs planning and resources. We help to tap these resources through commercial and financial blending.

  • Water Quality Monitoring, Research, and Technology Solutions

As a fundamental need, the wastage of water is a serious threat to human life. In order to preserve these natural resources, efforts are afoot globally to put in place comprehensive water management. Improved real-time monitoring can help prevent the wastage of water.

  • WASH in Emergency and Disaster Response

In natural and man-made disasters, the availability of water and sanitation facilities is critical in saving lives. They prevent the outbreak of a public health emergency and ensure that the most vulnerable women and children have access to WASH facilities. .