Education, Skills & Employment

Without quality education and complementing skills, national progress in the 21st century is next to impossible. Education and skills assist nations and individuals produce knowledge that leads them to create better conditions for the collective good. Apart from better lives, jobs, education, and skills help create prosperity for all. The overall outcome is social cohesion at the societal level.  Education and skills development and employments are the core areas of MV work. MV has worked with the federal and provincial governments of Pakistan on preparing effective strategies for meeting the targets of SDG 4.

  • Education Policy and Long-Term Education Planning:

Our research and work on education are guided by the targets of SDG4. That is why we especially focus on an education policy with long-term deliverables. For MV, the two main outcomes of education policy are quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning. At the societal level, this is critical as it leads to productive employment and decent work for all.

  • Formal & Non-Formal Education Project Design, Implementation, And Assessment:

In a country like Pakistan, formal and non-formal education are equally important to achieve the SDG4 targets by 2030. MV’s work with the government and the donor and the UN agencies revolves around formulating strategies and reforms for formal and non-formal initiatives as well as implementing and rolling out country-wide programs.

  • ECCE, Primary and Secondary Education through Skills Training:

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), primary education, and secondary education are core services of MV. Our research has helped the federal and provincial governments in complementing educational pathways with skills training for the overall development and preparedness of students for the future. Our skills training programs provide practical and vocational knowledge that equips students with essential skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning.

  • Teacher Training and Continued Professional Development:

An effective teacher and teaching methods are of paramount importance. This is our core area in the education sector. This includes training of teachers before they join educational institutes, followed by on-job training. This aspect of professional development is backed by close monitoring and evaluation.

  • Curriculum and Educational Material Development:

Over the past decade, we have developed a curriculum and other educational material for the government and donor agencies. Our curriculum is in line with the requirements of the 21st century.

  • R & D on Improving System of Education:

We have made a significant contribution to R & D in the system of education. Our R&D work has focused on improving access and quality of primary, secondary, and higher education, national education reforms, standard development and accreditation of programs, institutions, and personnel, and school management and institutional development systems.

  • TVET & Skills Development:

The aim of our work on education is the development of skills that contribute to economic development. TVET & skills Development along with the labor Market and the promotion of employment are our core competencies.