End Programme Evaluation of Humanitarian Integrated Afghan Refugees Assistance Programme for Mercy Corps


Conducted an end-to-end evaluation of Mercy Corps Programme of Humanitarian assistance to Afghan Refugees Programme. This evaluation covered five Programme interventions for the period of three years from 2013- 2016. Different and specific set of tools was applied to conduct the evaluation from 8 types of respondents’ groups. The evaluation was and submitted in accordance with global evaluation standards of Mercy Corps & the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) the State Department of America.

Services Provided:

Momentum carried out the end of the project evaluation of Mercy Corps’ humanitarian assistance to Afghan Refugees. For the feedback of the beneficiaries, a survey was conducted while FGDs and in-depth interview were conducted with the provincial officials, staff of the project and the migration experts.

Project Team:

1) Ghulam Shabbir