Formation of AJK Education Policy 2021-2030


Our experts have developed AJ&K Education Policy 2021-30 with the Elementary and Secondary Education. Detailed consultations with the AJ&K E&SE Departments related to curriculum, education quality, student assessment, school management and teachers’ performance, ECE, primary and secondary education, school management and leadership, were conducted, to prepare a detailed situational analysis of education sector of theAJ&K. Based on the detailed situational analysis, a comprehensive need assessment report was prepared. Keeping in view the situation and need Educational Policy 2021-30 was prepared. The policy was taken for further consultations at divisional and district level. Where education experts from various faculties of education and representatives from civil society and administrative departments of the government of AJ&K were consulted. Finally, the policy was presented into cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister of AJ&K and its approval from the cabinet was obtained.
It is worthwhile to note that there has been a compete diagnostic analysis of every education sub-sector before preparation of the policy. Therefore, our team conducted a thorough analysis and need assessment for ECE sector as well during the course.

Services Provided:

For the development of the education policy, Momentum conducted detailed consultations with the relevant departments of the AJK government, along with experts. A comprehensive situational analysis was also prepared. Based on the situational analysis, an assessment report was developed. The assessment report provided a diagnostic analysis of education sector in AJK.

Project Team:

1) Dr. Muhammad Saleem: Team Lead
2) Dr. Muhammad Hanif : Chapter Writer
3) Dr. Tariq : Chapter Writer