MNCH strategy Balochistan 2017-2022 costing


In order to realize the MNCH strategy 2017-2022 of Balochistan province a detailed costing exercise was carried out by the public financial management and financial exerts of Momentum. The costing included itemized cost of the strategy components, estimation of allocated vs issued budgets for MNCH and preparation of covered as well as non-covered budgetary expenditure. Momentum supported launch of strategy and costing exercise with the donor community.

Services Provided:

Momentum conducted the costing review of MNCH Strategy of Balochistan. The costing review looked at the itemized components, along with estimation of budgets, and expenditures.

Project Team:

1. Dr. Saima Shafique
2. Ghulam Shabbir

Country: Pakistan
Year: 2017
Client: UNICEF