Non-Formal and Literacy Materials Developed


Momentum’s education working group members developed the following materials in the field of Literacy and Non-Formal Education:
– Literacy Primers in different organizations e.g., Roshni (Torch/ light) in ABES Chiragh-e-Ilm (Candle) in HDF and Pehla Qadam (first step) in NCHD.
– Developed first ever curriculum developed by the Government of Pakistan in 2006-07.
– Team Leader of Curriculum developed on Health Literacy.
– Developed more than 100 titles of Post Literacy/ Functional Literacy, Vocational and income generational skills.
– Developed more than 20 manuals for Trainings in Non-Formal Basic Education and Adult Literacy Programs.
– Developed manuals on Feeder Schools Systems.
– Lesson Plans from Class 1 to 5.
– Developed Literacy and NFBE Management Information Systems.
– Developed first ever computer-based Literacy Program with the support of UNESCO.
– Developed more than 30 charts for the raising awareness and promotion of life skills.

Services Provided:

i) Literacy Primers in different organization
ii) Developed first ever curriculum developed by the GoP
Momentum experts developed primers on literacy. Based on these primers, a proposed curriculum was also developed. This work led to preparation of 20 manuals on various facets of literacy.

Project Team:

1) Dr. Muhammad Saleem
2) Iqbal-u-Rehman

Country: Pakistan
Year: 2017
Client: UNESCO