Preparation of 05-year Mother and Neonatal Child Health strategy for Balochistan


Momentum team of experts prepared 2017-2022 Mother and Neonatal Child Health strategy for Balochistan. Extensive consultations were carried out with the stakeholders from provincial health department, MNCH programme of the province, NGOs etc. to prepare a comprehensive strategy for provision of MNCH services to the entire population of Pakistan.

Services Provided:

Momentum was tasked with conducting consultation with relevant stakeholders on the preparation of the Mother Neonatal Health Strategy 2017-2022 for Balochistan. Momentum’s team of expert prepared semi-structure instruments for consultations with the officials of the provincial health department, MNCH program, NGOs working in the health sector and other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

Project Team:

1) Dr. Saima: Team Lead
2) Dr. Ejaz
3) Ghulam Shabbir

Country: Pakistan
Year: 2016
Client: Mercy Corps