Promoting Quality Education through Multi-grade Teaching Policies, practices, gaps, and solutions


Momentum Education’s working group and experts conducted this research in collaboration with UNESCO Bangkok. The research was based on the practices of multi-grade teaching in Pakistan and what materials including training resources are available in Pakistan. The research was conducted simultaneously in 07 countries of the world. In Pakistan more than 80% of the teachers are practicing multi-grade teaching but unfortunately vast majority of the teachers are unaware of the multi-grade teaching techniques and approaches. A multi-grade teaching programme was designed for government sector schools based on the research.

Services Provided:

Momentum conduced a comprehensive background research on practices of multi-grade teaching methods in Pakistan. This research identified gaps in the multi-grade teaching. Based on this research, a teaching programme was also designed.

Project Team:

1. Dr. Muhammad Saleem: Team Lead
2. Arshad Saeed Khan: Education Expert
3. Iqbal-u-Rehman: Project Consultant

Country: Pakistan
Year: 2015
Client: UNESCO